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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

My Son Holyland

Most travelers consider Hoi An a great base to visit nearby My Son Holyland, the other UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in Quang Nam province. It is peacefully nestled in a verdant valley, lying 40km southwest of Hoi An and 70 km southwest of Danang downtown.

My Son Holy Land was once a religious and political center of the mighty Champa Kingdom, which flourished all over Central and South Vietnam from 7th century to 15th century. The exquisite complex comprised 70 structures (mainly temples and towers) built by Cham Kings to commemorate important events during their reigns. About 20 of them, however, were nearly destroyed and many others were partly ruined by aerial bombs during American War. Only 25 monuments remain intact today though parts of them are in decreasing conditions due to weather exposure and overgrowth vegetation.



Despite all these, My Son Sanctuary is still the finest example of Cham architecture in Vietnam. It is still a secret how and by what kind of substance Cham people could stick these red baked bricks together to form such solid structures. High shrine towers with double pillars, solid walls, elaborate carvings and striking sculptures, all reflect the exclusive beauty of Cham culture. There are also many valuable artifacts (mainly sculptures) found in its archeological site and displayed in Cham Museum (Danang). Albeit not as extensive as Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Ayutthaya in Thailand, My Son is the first inhabited site of Indian Hinduism civilization in Southeast Asia. It boasts its own charm and glorious history.

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